All files are lost

I was working on this project myself and wanted to go back to an older version, but pressed the wrong button and deleted the version control instead of going back to an older version, so I’m now left with a version that doesn’t work. I could really use the unreal and .gitignore files from around this lecture. (the file now got deleted intirely and I don’t know how to solve it except for starting all over again)

You can get to ALL videos end-state by…

  1. Visiting
  2. Clicking on the section name.
  3. Clicking XX Commits at the top-left (XX will vary)
  4. Against the video you want, click the <> button on right.
  5. On final page (example) click Download Zip button.

Good luck!

Thank you, I downloaded it, changed it back to the way I had it and restored file control! You really are well prepared for anyone having a problem.

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