Alien Candy Attack an android game

I am in the middle of battle tank section, and an idea came to my mind to try and challenge myself to create an game on my own. And after a week I realized that I am actually making something, so I went to store and bought myself an android phone (cheapest I could find :smiley:) for game testing, few more weeks later I published finished game to google play.
If you wish to try it you can download it from google play for free (contains ads): Alien Candy Attack.

Short explanation how game actually works. There are 7 spawn locations (used target points). In beginning of the game every second candy will spawn randomly i one of the 7 locations. As player gets more points, candies spawn faster (at 500 points every 0.6 seconds).

Candies are actors that have health (on image Lizaljka HP), moving speed (on image Default Brzina), and jump speed (on image Skok Udaljenost), sorry about croatian names for variables.
Health -> how many taps it is needed to destroy candy, also destroyed candy gives one point.
Moving speed -> how fast does candy moves across the screen.
Jump speed -> only used if candy has more than one health (not used on boss candy). Basically when player taps candy it jumps up by some amount.

If candy falls out of the screen it is going to be destroyed by kill volume, and game will save current points to save file, and game will restart. Points are saved to two variables best, and last score. Best score is only saved if current points are higher, last score has always value of current score.
When game is started or restarted it always reads save file to write to screen best and last score.

Ads are simple, just call Show Ad Banner, or Hide Ad Banner.

Just one more thing, project is c++ project, but I was using both c++ and blueprints depending on if something is easier to do in c++ or blueprints.

Sorry about long post. I did not include a lot of blueprint screenshots because they are big an complicated, but if you really wish to see them I will try to screenshot them the best I can. If you have any questions I will gladly answer them if I know the answer :slight_smile:.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Ben for an awesome course, now I have a lot videos to watch, and new things to learn.


Youโ€™re game can save points to a save file?! How do you make it do that? Iโ€™d love to make my projects keep track of the players progress. Do you know how to do this on a web game? :eyes:

Yes I am saving points to save file, and at restart simple read of save file and setting variable.
For saving I am using Create Save Game Object node, and you need save game file with variables that you want to save.
If you need help with saving, I can explain more in detail how I did it.


Iโ€™m pretty new to this, so yes, it would be great if you could explain more. :slight_smile:

Nice work!

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