Age401's Bowling Scene

Hey there!
Just sharing the scene. Nothing as fancy as some stuff I’ve seen in here. Really, some people have done some great Bowling Scenes. :smile:

I did some tests with EVEE and Cycles.

Alright, moving along!

Just a quick update to add some experiments with motion blur based on the challenge in lesson 59. Shadows were tweaked, and it’s a 3 point light + Sun light.


Here’s the animation from the final bit of the section. But it sure looks weird. First of all, I had to set the Collisions Shape to Mesh in order to get a better collision, but then the pins slide on the air. I didn’t do too many tests on this since I know it’s just a preliminary thing, just to show the bare bones of animation, so let’s not worry too much about it.


I love all the effort you put in this post!

I’ll see you in the Chess Board post in a few, :wink: