Adventures In Breakfast (text101)

Here is my text adventure game. It’s a bit silly, but I hope you enjoy.

forgot to add the link:

Hey there,

Nice game! The plot is goofy and fun, very enjoyable. :slight_smile: I especially like the picture of the pancake man, did you make it?

While playing, I thought of a suggestion. You could add the possibility to lose, and get eaten by the giant. I think at the moment where you have the possibility to look at the syrup, fork and pancakes. For instance, if you forget to take the fork before you go in the syrup, you cannot polevault away of the table, and end up as a nice topping for giant pancakes.

Anyway, I thought it was a creative little story. :wink: Good luck with the rest of the course!

Thanks for the feedback. The pancake man was an exercise on 3d textures
and materials from And yes, the game could certainly
stand to have some extra features, but in the interest of getting on with
the course, it will likely rest as is. Thanks again.

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