Adventure chess with dungeon, elevation, palace, teleport squares

I’ve been playing around with an idea for a chess game that’s out of the proverbial box, maybe bringing kids who don’t normally play chess to wanna play it. This game has a dungeon, elevated squares,

a palace, & special teleportation squares (yellow & purple) that allow pieces on the squares to teleport to other special squares. The pieces move in the same fashion as regular, except pawns can move in any direction, & they can also go up & down the stairs. I can’t show this here, but the idea is that the player can only see through the eyes of the pieces, like an FPS, you can’t see the whole board, you can only bounce between pieces to see what they see. Replicating intelligence gathering as essential part of warfare. Just a first draft. Might be fun! If anyone has any ideas, I’m open to suggestions.


Interesting idea!
For me, a King and his Queen, living in a castle.
Fun project, I like it.

thanks, FedPete