Addicted to Free technical books. Anyone else?

Ever since the week of free Unity books on the Packt websibe I have an alarm set on my mobile to go and get my daily free technical book. I’m pretty sure I may not use 95% of them but it’s become a daily ritual or guilty pleasure. Is there anyone else collecting these free books?

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I collect the ones that interest me. But its been a while since they’ve had one that I wanted.


hehe, lol @Paul_Land, yes, I have a daily ToDo task set on my phone to check and see what’s available.

It’s become incredibly habitual, to the point where I have collected more (just the ones of interest like @chris.claus42 says) than I can actually keep up with and read! I really should make a point of downloading them all at some point, as knowing my luck they’ll change something and make all the previously grabbed ones disappear!

The habit is right up there with;

  • collecting resources within Clash of Clans
  • collecting resources within Call of Duty: Heros (for my lad)
  • updating to the ToDo list
  • clearing down the ToDo list
  • checking the BBC news site at a higher rate than any news could ever occur
  • checking Facebook for updates at a higher rate than they could ever occur
  • checking the forum for updates at a higher rate than they could ever occur


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I’ve had a todoist task for packtpub since they started it :slight_smile:


I misread that at first, thought you said “tattooist”… HARDCORE! :smiley:


Lol, very humous Rob :smile:

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