Added detail to My Pyramid

I added a top, I just need to figure out what I am going to do with the doorway.


Here are some update pics.


Your pyramid is looking really nice! I just went with the simple lecture one. Quick question- Did your inset tool seem to operate at a percent of the face area? Mine seemed to be operating by blender units rather than percent of the face like Michael mentioned. Is this because I’m using 2.78 you think?


Bradley Deeter

Not really sure. I have used Blender for about 4 years now, and I got the chance to buy this course for $15 dollars on sale. I taught myself Blender and Gimp2 by watching You Tube video’s and have been drawing/modeling with Blender for about 4 years. I have modeled, and mapped some warships for a book that I am writing and contributed some of them to Wikipedia.

However it is interesting because I didn’t know about the inset tool. I have used extraction all the time. I played a little with the inset tool on the Pyramid so as to learn what it could do.
I have also noticed that Blender tends to not accurately put things where they go some times. When I modeled my first ship it took me 4 months and it stretched, and skewed. I used to many vert points and it was basically useless when I was done. It did teach me though and I had fun doing it. I do a lot of checking and readjusting in Blender. I am learning 3Ds max to see if the coordinate system has the same problems. When he makes the pyramid in the lecture he uses the numbers. I did that and My pyramid did not end up the right size in places. its close but I have adjusted quite a bit of it.
My advice on this with the inset tool, and or any other thing in Blender is get into the habit of checking the coordinates of the edges and verts frequently and almost always after you change the geometry. I have even thought about making a course on here. Maybe something like Practical modeling in Blender. IDK, something like that. I want to see if they address this in the course though. If you have time you might check out my You Tube Tutorials,

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I’m sorry I didn’t really answer your question. No I don’t think its the version of Blender causing the percentage ratio. I Think its probably a setting in the panel that controls it. I will try to find an answer on it. My point in the other reply about me not knowing about the inset tool is that there is a lot of things, tools and operations in and about Blender that I am clueless on, and or unaware on. For instance I vaguely know about texturing. I need to learn way more about it. I am wanting to learn more about Blender and 3D modeling so as to do it more easily and quicker. I am sculpting statues with a claw hammer when I could be using a pneumatic jack hammer. I am good at doing it the hard way and I get the models done but it takes a long time.
The part where he duplicates the stairs by the attachment method. I didn’t know about that function, so I had already made the stairs for about 2 hours by extracting each step. So now I can do in a few minutes what took 2 hours to do. That’s what I have found useful in this course.
Oh and on the Inset tool you have to type in the percentage if you want it to work that way other wise it does go the Blender units. Type in the inset edges number tab at the left lower corner of the screen. make sure you push the period key, and enter or it wont apply the change.

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