Ad Frameworks


I’ve noticed that of all the games I’ve downloaded and tried from people taking this course, none have used Unity Ads. There’s been a combination of other solutions, but it seems strange to me that the built-in ad framework is not seeing use in my experience.

I’ve implemented it for Space Clash as a proof of concept and it wasn’t at all difficult, and the ads are unobtrusive and high quality. Can anyone cast any light on why Unity Ads seem to be avoided, and/or in general the pros and cons of different frameworks?


Because of revenues. :slight_smile: I don’t know exaclty how much you can earn using Unity Ads at the moment but when I was looking for a good ads company, revenues were rather small. But what is for plus. I think that Unity Ads have really huge variety of showing ads in many countries. It’s really helpful if your game has a lot of users all around the world. When I was analyzing the stats of one of my game I put in Google Play I saw that when I got new users from US or Europe then everything was fine (I was getting cash) but when new users were from India or “poor” countries, then… Then I had a problem becouse there was nothing to show them and obviously I didn’t have revenues for that users. It’s one of the biggest cones of smaller (but better paid) companies.