Absolute World Position with Android Device is not working

Hello, is anyone having an issue with Absolute World Position with Android Device?
I’m trying to make a material that fades in when character is getting closer. It works really well on PC but when I export it to Android (Galaxy S9) it renders totally wrong. Is anyone know how to solve this? Or any solutions to achieve this effect in a different way?

Here’s my Material setup that goes to alpha value on a Lerp.

Looks like it should just be a bit of a difference in how it works.


but when I tried to get the length, the results was limited to 255 max… But decimals are not limited, so divide by 1000 vectors (before getting the length) and the const value to compare with do the tricks. And it is reliable on every plateforms.

I haven’t tested this so you’re on your own with the link explaining it.