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Build a Role Playing Game (RPG) in Unity 2017. Learn intermediate C#, code architecture, game & level design. See the course


Cant wait to get started. Looks awesome already. I have been progressing a lot since I found your other Udemy courses.


Hi @ben forgive my ignorance possibly.

I noticed this is part one currently on udemy, would students already enrolled int he course get a discount for future parts?

Looking forward to getting showing what i have at the end of it :slight_smile:


Absolutely, and a bigger discount for those who are 50%+ of the way through Part 1


Hi @ben ,

i am looking forward to buying this course, but can i know what sub genre of Rpg i will be learning to make…

is it a first person perspective(like skyrim), third person(like The witcher) , isometric rpg (like Baldurs gate) or any other one.


It’s a 3rd person isometric view, but others are doing 1st person without trouble


Thanks for the reply,
just bought the course, will start after finishing the complete unity course.


Once you’ve completed Glitch Garden you’re good to dive into the RPG.


I am half way through glitch garden anyways.
But I guess I will just finish the course. Took me almost a year or more than that to get till here.


Hi i have just bought this plus both Ur c++ courses for unreal and unity i was wondering if i start and did the unreal then unity then this course will i be able to apply these same techniques to unreal. i already have a few rigs setup in unreal and really like the Triple AAA props i have created for unreal with the lighting. Plus i have used unreal a lot more then unity. unless unity is a better all round project. I am a film student but jobs for film as a junior in my country is limited but games are everywhere. so im not 100% sure which is better a lot of diffrent views. im looking at doing a triple A rpg. as a demo reel.


Sorry to bring up an older topic, but are there any plans to implement a Save/Load routine during this course? I looked ahead at the course outline and didn’t see anything listed. Just wondering if it was planned?


Hi there Ben,

Currently doing the make mobile VR genes in Unity course and I was just wondering if on completion would i have the requisite knowledge to undertake the RPG course or would you recommend the Complete Unity course first?

Thanks v.much

Ps loving the course by the way :grinning:


Plugging away at this course and have learned a lot along the way. Thanks for that! Can we possibly get an update on when to expect part 2 of the course to become available?


@ben / @Rick_Davidson - any updates?


Thanks for checking in. Realistically, it wont be shipping into the course for at least another couple of months. Unlike Part 1 where we wanted to give an authentic account of the twists and turns of real game development, for part 2 we will be prototyping more completely our approach so that we can show the “correct approach” from the get go. Thanks for your patience - I promise you that we are as eager as you are to get to the next part of the course and to give our game even more depth.


Thanks very much for the update! I noticed this same question has been asked by a few people on Udemy under the last announcement that Ben posted (titled “September Educational Announcement”) You might want to bug Ben to throw an update over there since it’s coming up on 10 months since the last one. Thanks again for the reply. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for part 2!


Hi, I started doing this course recently. I can see it’s main focus is on the combat system, do we also cover other sections for RPG like an inventory, crafting and pickup system etc as well?


@Rick_Davidson and @sampattuzzi will be delivering part two of the RPG course which does indeed include an inventory and pick-ups system. Sam has been busily prototyping, you can catch some details of this via the YouTube channel. Here’s the Unity RPG Playlist :slight_smile:


Cool Thanks! I found that video after posting the question as well :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see part 2!


I’ve actually embedded the whole playlist here for you, so top left on the burger icon and you can see all the past ones too if you want :slight_smile:

Part two is indeed looking very promising :slight_smile: