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In lecture 42 when you are trying to copy a Material, simply use the shortcut keys Ctrl+D to duplicate the material.

This works for anything in the Project window.


Thanks for the tip. I will patch the video to let others know about this cool shortcut.


I guess it’s also worth mentioning that the duplicate command is also listed under Edit>Duplicate.



Hello friends
I am unity 3D artist and I handling 3D game art department . so just started learning programing in gaming and I creating 2 indie game he is working progress’ can you help me which way I going is best learning programing after I created nice indie game…
E-mail - rakeshmali56@gmail.com


Are you asking where to start learning to program? Because we have a selection of courses. All of them will teach you to program it just depends how you want to proceed and what you want to focus on beyond that.


Ok so tell me which project first i selected…and my questions is i
course completed after Got it certificate.