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By the end of this Section, you will have re-enforce knowledge about using reference material, Used your first particle systems. Created your own texture and then used that texture for much more…

Help with Hair clumping

Here my fluffy bunny final scene as requested …


Wow I love the rabbits fur, that is really well done!

Nice work!


Wow! It looks like I could reach out and pet them. Awesome!


This is my Final Render for the Fluffy Bunny Section, i love the course so far and i used everything i learned to pull this scene off. thank you for the effort you guys have put into this course!


That look great


I already asked about this in the thread for the bunny lecture but got no answer so I thought I would ask here. the hair on my rabbit’s ears is still forming clumps and no amount of combing or weight painting is fixing it i have also already tried making them the way he explains if you get clumps the first time. is there any way to fix it or do i just have to keep remaking them till they dont do this anymore


Hi WizardSniper

Probably the best place to ask for help on this during the week would be in the Q&A rather than the lecture discussions here.
The reason being is i monitor the Q&A as it comes though to me directly and doesnt disappear until i reply whereas here the post can get lost and i dont always see them.

Normally this is an issue with the way the ears have been made or the way the particle system is setup.

I’m out of the office till monday now but if you can post the question under the lecture you are on by pressing the Q&A button or ? on the video screen and posting the question there i can pick it up then or if i get chance over the weekend.

It might also be helpful if in that Q&A post you can upload the file to google drive and post the link that way i can get a better look at what might be happening there.

For future reference making a screenshot with control and F3 screenshots the UI as well and saves as a file and this can often be helpful if you are trying to convey your settings as well.

I’ll try to check the Q&A later today but if i dont get chance i will be in on Monday as i will be away all Sunday (Grandmothers 95th birthday!)


oh sorry i completely forgot there was a Q&A on the lectures themselves, I’ll post my problem there. thanks for the help anyway, hope you have a great time at the party!


By all means post here as there are students that may be able to help if its a weekend for example.
I’m doing a bit of extra work today being it a party my head maybe a little foggier on a monday :wink:

I’ve replied to your post on the Q&A and i think its the unapplied transform on the ears causing the issue

Solution in the Q&A to apply the transforms and free edit the ears. Then rebrush :slight_smile:


How are the mess normals?
Do you have duplicate meshes?
Did you clean-up (remove doubles) vertices?


all of that were fine, i asked on Udemy Q&A and turns out i forgot to apply the scale


Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: