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Hi @ben,

I signed up for the discontinued “3D Model Introduction - Preparing Blender Models For Unity” course. Is this the course we will get to replace that one?


@Michael_Bridges Hi Michael. The text of the questions in Quiz 7 is a bit of a mess. You might want to clean it up. Very good course so far, but in the last few sections (before Quiz 7) we’ve strayed away from checking the model in Unity and/or Unreal. My own experiments indicate that the bone constraints do not get imported into Unity; is the path forward simply to constrain the models in Blender, create animations, and only use imported animations to move the models in the game engines? Some discussion of why we’re not testing the changes to the models would be useful.


Thanks @Teapot I am checking Quiz 7 now.

Yes we are focused on generating the animations in Blender rather than within a specific game engine, that way we stay focused on one tool as much as possible.

I am trying to avoid hopping into Unity and Unreal too much during all the lecture as it can add a good 2-3mins to each lecture if we aren’t careful. Do you feel hopping into more often would be beneficial? Or were there any that you felt would have benefited that extra part?


Hi @Michael_Bridges.

While we were working on getting the mesh and rig set up, you emphasized that it was necessary to export to the target platform to check that the export was working correctly. Then a few lectures before Quiz 7 we stopped doing that, but there was no discussion of why (at least not that I noticed). I found that change to be odd; if it was good practice before, why not continue it? So no, I don’t feel that it would necessarily be beneficial to export more often, rather it would be beneficial to describe why doing so is not required at this point in the modelling process. Perhaps something along the lines of “Other than the mesh and the bones, the only thing that reliably exports via FBX is the animations, so we’re going to perform a number of steps in Blender that facilitate creating animations, but there’s no need to check how the model exports until we have the animations done”. Maybe that’s not true, but hopefully it gets across the nature if the information I’m looking for.