About setting reference picture

Hi everyone.
Here’s my question: in the challenge we were asked to set up the image and think about the size of the bowling pin.
From the previous slide in the earlier lesson i understood that we were suggested to scale Blender Units accordingly to the size of the object we were going to model… So, was it a mistake to set up everything correct except for image size? I just scaled up Blender Units to cm instead… Could this create problems going forward? (hypothetically, since I already corrected the set-up as suggested).
Thanks for your answers!

Your images are just for SHAPE reference.
Using Centimeters, is just to be sure, your bowling pin, or ball are in the same scale / size dimensions.

Ok thanks for explaining i was a little confused!
Bye :slight_smile:

I was also surprised given the previous lecture focus on scaling up or down units. I scaled to centimeters. I will remember to scale the bowling ball in cm if they are separate .blender files.

The sized cube is a clever idea - much simpler than fussing with comparison to the grid lines.

EDIT: I’m going to have to go back and follow the instructor’s method as the next lecture with the bezier curves specifies placement of points at 0,0,1.9 and 0,0,-1.9. Just more practice, right?

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