About 'Polish & Standalone Build'!



Here Is my try! Any Ozzy fans



wow. Good job


My game :slight_smile:



My Game:

Please give feedback


Thank you for the fun project.
Dataman and Tux in Las Vegas…



Here is my approach


I decided to go with a theme of Marvin the paranoid android from hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.


Got my Number wizard done, had to spend a little while extra to create some assets…resisted the temptation to write music for it… here ya’ll go!


Awesome! Did you make those assets?


… Never been much of a designer, but this is a good way to force me into it, haha :smile:
Also, had to learn how to make images with transparent backgrounds, always learning in this course!


Here’s my game! Plunder Lizard! (A lizard shows up when your mouse hovers over the buttons)


Really enjoying the lectures. I find the challenges to be at about the right level.

I wouldn’t change anything, as of yet.

Here is a link to my version of Number Wizard UI


I love seeing everyone else’s design! Can’t wait to start Block Breaker.


I hope I haven’t troubled myself to much skipping text101 with making my SAW number game

I made some additions to the course:

  1. Made a tutorial text screen
  2. Adjusted the number range and text to match my SAW theme
  3. Add some Jigsaw sounds to tutorial (I wanna play a game) and success screen (congratulations you are still alive, most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you! not anymore).


Some very creative versions submitted in this thread! This is my version, I was going for a more low-key theme, like being in a darkened room with a fortune teller. The only adjustment I made to the tutorial’s logic was to refuse to guess higher than the original maximum even if the higher button is pressed when the original maximum is displayed. I also moved the instruction text to the second scene, so that the range in the instruction text could be dynamically changed to match what is entered into the inspector (which doesn’t really apply to the standalone build, of course).


Here’s what I did, I went for a fantasy vibe using a few free images from the web;


I can’t believe It was done in a day. Great coarse so far.