About 'Polish & Standalone Build'!



In this video (objectives)…

  1. Use Application.Quit() to create a quit button for our game.
  2. Add final text, colours and tweaks to the game.
  3. Build to PC, Mac, Linux Standalone.

After watching (learning outcomes)… Create a final PC / Mac / Linux Standalone build.

(Unique Video Reference: 11_UI_CUD)

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Hello everyone!
This is the link to my “finished” number wizard game.


Here’s my finished Number Wizard game. I decided to take it a step farther and give an option for the player to guess the number that the computer picks. Hope you all enjoy.


Here’s my take on this game. Enjoy!


Well done! The sound is a very nice touch.


This is my thing



Here is mine.



Here is mine. Hope you like it!




Nice take on the guess it yourself option! There seems to be an issue with the Select Higher button when the Wizard is guessing my number. It changes the number randomly +/- 1 when I reach the threshold (min and max are the same).



Here’s my take on the game. I’ve added a functionality to check if we’ve reached a previously shown number so you don’t get to mash the buttons with nothing happening. I’ve done it with redirecting to a separate scene, however I wonder if it would have been better to just update the text on the “I guessed your number” scene using a similar logic. Which one is the better approach if we’re looking for quality of design and code?


Hey everyone! Here’s a link to my game (don’t tell nickelodeon about this, this game is very copyrighted):http://www.sharemygame.com/share/41b521e6-69cd-496b-96a4-cc097fa6f389


it’s funny, I liked it, but your “Correct” button is broken.


Here is my submission. I used Audacity to add a robot voice. The picture is from AntMan and the Wasp, no infringement intended. We are all just learning here.Click here to play


Here’s a rough finished Number Guesser.



Here is my finished game. I probably should have put more time into it, but it’s 12:42am here at the moment.


Just sharing what I finished. Don’t mind the pictures, it’s for my friends. Looking forward to the next section! :smile:



I like how you can try to guess the computer’s number. Really well done.


Here is my game, Number Wizard with a clown aesthetic:

I got the color palette form Adobe CC. It is a̶p̶t̶l̶y̶ called Suspicious Candy.


This is my game. I added a function that changes the text to react to the wrong guess but otherwise it’s just the same 'ol game.

Hi everyone nice to meet you.




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Here is my attempt. Thanks. Course is helping a lot. :smiley: