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Welcome aboard o/

i know how it is.

good lucky


Hi everyone!
My name is Tiago, i’m recently taking Udemy unreal engine course and amazed of what this new possibility can bring me.
I started my career as a computer science student always looking forward to work with games. Developing, testing, creating… that was my thing as a student.
It happens that in my city (Manaus - Amazonas) things are not super encouraging for a young kid who is willing to work with something that doesnt ganerate instant pay checks.

So I went through mobile programming and got pretty far.
Now I’m working in a multinational facility in which I’m both economically and emotionally fulfilled with my job :slight_smile:
But it comes a time where one’s dreams must be fulfilled. And it has come mine.
I saw that although I’m quite young (27 yrs) i was fealing quite apart from my original goal. This course has helped me keep (at least) a little bit closer to what my innerchild would wanted me to.

I know that its a little bit sad and probably I won’t be a class act at gaming programming with just this course, but I hope i can feel like adding another step; that’d be enough :slight_smile:



Welcome to the community Tiago,

It is nice to see someone from my country succeeding in the mobile market :slight_smile:
I’m from Cachoeiro de itapemirim (ES), a 200k people city, I think that besides two friends of mine I’m the only one here studying game development :joy:, it is nice to see more people in similar situations chasing this very dream :slight_smile:
Hope to see you around here frequently!

Best Regards,

Johnny Dalvi


Hi guys,

I tried to learn to use blender like 2 years ago but I stopped cause of work but now that I finally finish my contract I found the course in Udemy and I started again from the begging to learn to use Blender for modelling 3D objects!

My dream is to go to work in a game developing agency and maybe give my support and my models for some video games! :slight_smile:

As soon as I’ll start to create somethings in Blender, I’ll create my showcase!

Bye for now


Hi guys! Computer games are my big love and since I enjoy playing them so much decided “why shouldn’t I make my own game?”. I joined Unity course a month ago and super excited on doing it more and more. Already want to make a game(simulation) for my school project anything that includes projectile motion. Something like Pocket Tanks or at least something like this Projectile motion. If you can help me with few tips or advice that would be great. Looking forward to sharing ideas, games etc with you all.

Thanks in advance, Igor :slight_smile:


Hello @Kovca,

Welcome to the community, my apologies for the delay in responding - sometimes the queries in the “hello” posts get a little lost - going forwards you may want to post under the specific Unity sub-category with Unity queries :slight_smile:

Not sure how far you have got yet but you will certain be able to achieve what you have indicated in the projectile motion link, what’s nice about that page is it actually gives you a few clues with the maths too! Unity’s physics will also help a lot.

Post up under the Unity sub-category with any specific questions and someone is sure to help you :slight_smile:


Hi, I just started this course, and can’t wait to build some fantastic pieces. Very excited to meet the community!


Ah yes. It’s very fun once you get through the beginning stuff. Welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you for greeting and, nice to meet you!


Waves Welcome. Another newcomer here myself.


Welcome to the community everyone, looking forward to your contributions :slight_smile:


Hello everyone. :slight_smile:
I joined the Unreal Course and looking forward to start doing the good stuff. I’ll have to learn everything since I’ve never tried this and I’m DEFINITELY NOT so excited about it that I’m eating my fingernails to see what’s gonna happen. Not at all. Nope. No.
I met with video games at the age of 4 and I’m still in love with them; so yes, lets play that game sometime!
But, I gotta start with this right now. So… Later huh?
Take care.

-whispers- hello


Unimaginative title I know.

Hey Guys, I’m a language and media student from South East England. I’m 25 and even though I worked in IT support for 5 years in the past have been terrible at learning how to program.
I’ve decided to take some of the unity and unreal engine courses offered on Udemy to finally correct this and to hopefully create experiences to share with others. In truth my desire is to create less traditional games such as those by That Game Company , Giant Squid etc. though I do only treat this as a hobby for the moment.

Other than that… I’ve studied Japanese for roughly 6 years now and I’m fairly good at it. Not fluent but slowly getting it. I also speak French, I’ve forgotten a large amount of the Swedish I learnt but want to pick it back up and I’m currently studying Spanish on the side. I’m also a qualified EFL teacher and plan to work abroad soon.

I look forward to talking to all of you soon. :slight_smile:


Hi! I am Giancarlo, I am a brand new programming student using Udemy and unreal engine, and visual studio for the first time.
I aspire to making my own computer games in the future, and delving into C++ is the first step for me to get there. I look forward to interfacing more with this community and sharing my own questions and discoveries with you and vice versa! Thanks!


welcome aboard :slight_smile:


My name is Chris and I’m new here. I recently started taking Ben Tristem and Sam Pattuzzi’s course on Udemy (The Unreal Engine Developer Course). I currently live in Houston, Tx and am interested in game design and computer science in general.


Welcome, Chris.

I also bought that course, but I haven’t got that far into it yet. I have just been mind crunching blueprints in Unreal!

I hope you like the course(s) and the site(s).


Thanks James. I’ve only finished the first section and am just starting section two on the Bulls and Cows project which is all done through the an IDE (Visual Studio in my case).


Welcome to the community @Chris_Beck, looking forward to see you share you work and be sure to ask if you nees anything, we have a thriving community with lots of helpful and friendly people :slight_smile:


Thanks Rob