A Warm Welcome to the GameDev.tv Community


Welcome Captain_JT,

I hope the project is going well for you. I do have a question what was your reason for going with unreal first instead of unity? I am just curious to see what other people think about it.

Keep enjoying the code hope all goes well.



Hi Nathon,

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the course you selected also.

I think I chose Unreal primarily because I was familiar with the name/brand. I watched a few comparison videos and it seemed that Unreal was an engine that could handle anything - I didn’t want any limitations. Not sure if it is the case with Unity but Unreal was free, so it meant I could get involved straight away. I am glad I did.

Which one have you chosen?



I’m from Italy, sorry for my bad english , but i don’t speak or write english wery well.
I use google traslate for the words that I do not know. Anyway, my experience with unreal engine is little, I’m using only a few months ago, I followed many tutorials to learn something, because with a my friend because a friend of mine would like to make an application for mobile devices.
C ++ does not know anything but I want to learn how to best develop our project, and our future projects.
I always wanted to learn programming but for various events of life I never could, now I’m 34, and I can finally realize my desire.
This is one of our work screen


Hey guys.

New programmer/dev in training here.

I’ve always been interested in programming and creating apps and games but programming was always so dull in college. So much so that I changed my major out of computer science and into accounting… where I now find myself coding things to automate processes (the irony)…

These courses have really gave me more motivation than I’ve ever had especially since I love gaming.

Looking forward to seeing what we can make.

If anyone has anything they would like me to play test, feel free to send me a PM.


The names Zacchary. I’m currently a student finishing up with Community College for my AS, then moving onward for my BA in Computer Science. I’m majoring into Cyber Security, and Minoring into Math. My objective throughout my learning is to know and understand as many different coding languages as I could grasp. I currently understand the fundamental basics of Java and C#, however, there is much to unveil. With that said, I am now leaping into C++ to also improve my coding into side work, which is going to be Game Development. I’m a freelancer that users at the moment RPG Maker MV, a JavaScript software, and after making my first game, I plan to move forward into something more challenging, such as what Unreal Engine has provided through many clips these past years.

So there you have it! Nice to meet ya, and see you on the flip side!



I’m Tim. I make games and music and you can hear/play them all over at timdouglas.net :slight_smile:

I’m excited to learn Unreal Engine 4, I’ve only used Unity and Construct 2 (which are both awesome but I want to learn C++ too!

Drop me a message if you want!



I’m Michael from Portland, OR. Completely new to game development. Learning from Udemy about Unreal. Running on a Mac.


My name is Brad, I have been in the video game development industry for around 20 years working mainly as an artist but have lately branched into more of the technical art side and even was a lead character artist for several years.

After recently leaving my job of 15+ years in development I am looking to branch out and learn some new things. I have been tinkering with Unity for a few years now, but a the new opportunities I have involve Unreal so I am venturing into that hopefully to convert all of my personal game development to that so possible jobs line up with my personal work.

I am from Southern California and am 47 years of age, seeing if an old dog can learn some new tricks.


Hi, im Efren, from mexico. Im starting “The Unreal Engine Developer Course”. I have some experience with good ol’ C, but im a very rusty. I changed my major some years ago now, I started with computer science, but in college it was too vague and aimed to administration software, not really the deep stuff i wanted, so i changed to something more creative, and got my degree in music.

Im very passionate about videogames, computers and eletronic stuff. My favorite games are 2D platform games, Beat’em ups, shoot em ups (bullet hell mainly) and horror games.

I’ve been messing around with unreal engine 4 for a few years now, but only with blueprints and want to learn more and improve my skills with it. Also have been learning some basics of 3D modeling with blender, and doing texture work.

I’m fluent in both english and spanish, so please, feel free to contact me.



I’m Charlie, 25, from South London and picked up the Udemy C++ course just before Christmas and now have a bit of time to dive into it and get my hands dirty with UE4/C++.

I am currently working for a games development studio in Guildford, UK as a Senior UI/Front End Developer using CoherentGT as our UI Framework. I previously worked as a Front End Developer for a few web development companies but always wanted to work for a Games Development studio but never had the knowledge of C++ programming.

I tried a C++ course a few years ago and struggled so badly with it as there was no help through it and they chucked you in the deep end without explaining a single thing about how to set up your IDE or understanding basic debugging steps.

I hope that this course will do a lot more to help with that and am looking forward to progressing through it!



Hi, I just joined both the Unreal and Unity courses. I am looking forward to interacting with everyone here!! I am from Massachusetts in the US, and aside from computer games I also enjoy sports. My first love is hockey, both playing and watching. I also enjoy both football’s.



Welcome aboard George :slight_smile:


Welcome! What games are you interested in creating? :slight_smile:


Welcome George_Churchill


Thanks for the welcome everybody!!!


Well I like strategy games that make you think, so that is what I am looking to create


Welcome :smiley: same here :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe we can work together on that \o/


Hey everyone! My name is Nathaniel Walker and I am from the frozen wasteland known as Alaska! I’m 23 soon to be 24 and am excited to get started. I have some experience with Unity and UE4 but it is mostly from me just going in and playing with all the buttons to see what they do. I have dreamed of creating video games since I first picked up controller and I am excited to make that dream a reality.


Welcome, Nathaniel! What kind of games are you looking to produce? Are you more interested in the art side or the programming side?


Hi, and welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here.