A very rough go at the Edzná pyramid in Campeche

Okay, yeah. This is not exactly what we were supposed to do. But I wanted to really internalize all the shortcuts and tools, and thought I’d look at some real world examples of Mayan pyramids and try to approximate one as a low-poly model. I ended up using this photo as a reference:

I really only cared about the visible portion, and ended up with this:

Of course, I started out thinking that I might be able to get a pretty detailed model done in a reasonable time. Aaaand of course I couldn’t. :slight_smile: But at least I don’t mix up shortcuts as often as I used to. So, mission accomplished, I guess.

Now… how about creating foliage in Blender, huh? :smiley:


wow thats pretty impresive

WOW!! @Jules

That’s what I call expanding on the lectures! :wink:

My pyramid was a simple one with a monkey head on top! :laughing:

Well done. Looks great!

Thanks guys!

Ha @amhadinger I saw that one, it looks great! Finally that monkey head was put to good use. :smiley:

Thanks! @Jules :slight_smile:

It’s nothing like yours though. :wink:

Pure tenacity, I guess. It wasn’t hard, it just took time. It was hard to motivate myself towards the end, because it was all so very, very repetitive. But I’m happy I finished it, if you can call it that. :slight_smile:

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Wooow, really nicely done! :smiley: That’s very impressive, quite inspiring!

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Thank you so much! :blush:

Looks really really nice - well done

Nice one Jules, I did the same and just went off to play for a week,
I believe practicing and using what we know, helps to cement it in memory, better than just abstract video watching. I always try to repetitively do something until I’m sure I know what it’s all about - then I find a quick way to do it…

Wow! Thumbs up!

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