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Hey all, I just wanted to let you know how to select the color in the color picker. In this first image you can see that in the picker I’m trying to get fuchsia and the real color it gives me in the material editor (next to it in the image) is, I don’t know, pepto bismol pink? This is the default in Unreal for some reason. You can’t actually see the color your getting. In order to get the color picker to show you the real color you have to click the little box in the top right corner of the picker that says sRGB preview. You can see I have the box checked in the second image and the two colors match. If you don’t it will always give you a slightly off color. Trust me this’ll save you headaches later when you’re working on serious projects!


Thanks for sharing this helpful tip

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Speaking as both a developer and a photographer colour spaces are really important things to understand. They define how colour is represented at a binary level, and the depth and hue a colour range can be displayed in.

sRGB is the most common used colour space because it’s also the most narrow. JPeg uses sRGB as standard because most computers PC’s display something like %90 of sRGB. When developing anything that can run on multiple platforms, to some degree, your always going to be limited by the lowest common denominator.

When your in design mode in the editor the engine’s most probably [and this is entirely a guess, so not back by any research] using the colour space defined by the system [mac or windows] to render the image.

You can find out more about colour gamuts [and at some point you’ll need to if you intend to develop cross platform games] by doing a search on the subject. Most articles you’ll come across are from a photographic perspective because colour space comes up frequently as a problem when printing vs correctly displaying images.

I’ve included one just for ref:


Along with a reference to documentation on the Unreal Colour Picker.

Unreal Editor Interface - Colour picker

Quote from above article: “Several places in Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) now force this default since sRGB is the space UMG will be rendered in (on PC). Additional work will be needed on Mac where the final rendering space is gamma 2.2.”

How to set the proper color in Color Picker?

Hope it’s of some help?


Thank you, @Michael_Bridges please include relevant resources in the course.

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