A TV (almost)

I was doing the Lamp section, but decided to do something in my spare time. I’d like to know if anyone could share some thoughts on this model.

Well, this is a TV (or almost. It’s more like a… a robot TV). I was thiking of animating it just for fun and maybe use it in a game.
I’d like to know what can I improve in it. I believe the TV itself it’s a little bit too tall, but that’s it for me :slight_smile:


Well, the nice thing about what you have learned so far is that you can change things quite easily. I personally like the height. If you do not I would say to just bend the joints in the legs a little to squat it down. Then when you animate it you can have the head turn just a little, one way, then the other. Then you can have it SPRING UP, and chase the camera while running really fast!

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