A tree with a ledge...I tried

So the operator panel is really useful to shape objects but it is annoying when you move them and it just goes away, I hope there is a way to use it manually later on. Still I`m really liking the course :slight_smile:

The operation panel will always go away the second you perform another action on the object in question. This is because you basically told the object move from operation 1 to operation 2, so it can’t actually use operation 1 anymore since it clears that info.

For the most part, you can perform any action that is in the operation panel in the viewport itself, but some things will be much easier to them all before adjusting the object in any other way.

I don’t think there is technically a manual way to use it later on from what I’ve seen, but I could be wrong if there is maybe some sort of add-on for it.


And that platform reminds me of The Forest (an indie game), so just fyi, it won’t keep you safe!!

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