A slightly modified Prison story

Link to the Gamebucket.io page.

For the most part, I jumped off from the sample script but still put in a little bit of personality. I have plans to expand into a hallway scene from the exit, but there are already 16 states so I figured I’d share and take a break for a while.

Here are some of the things I added:

-“Press Space to Start” page (Just another state called “start”),
-Small side states that are just for fluff that are mostly the same but can be reached from different states as the game progresses. At first I tried to do this by reusing the same state but I discovered that this would essentially rewind my progress, so I had to make duplicates of some states (and rename them) to get the results I wanted,
-An endless loop for a joke,
-A little bit of personality for some of the narrative.

All in all, I’m having a lot of fun with these tutorials on Udemy, and this was a really fun project. I’ve done other tutorials before but the way this one is presented is so much different, it feels like they actually care if people learn through this. It feels great to be encouraged to jump off the beaten path a little bit and try something unique and original, I couldn’t possibly recommend this tutorial higher.

Anyway, enough rambling. Thanks for trying my quick little game!


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