A simple train

After lesson 2 we were requested to try to create some basic models… So I did a little train… Basic for now, I do agree, hope to get better with time :slight_smile:

Sorry, can’t make that sketchfab player work… I’m using the long url, but can only see the “Login to your Sketchfab account” instead of the player

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Really like your train @Psychokiller1888, looks great, are you planning to do anything more to it? I’m picturing it in my head in a blazing red colour :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! Hell yeah, planning on adding some passenger cart, the rails and all these stuffs I had when I was a kid. This train type were actually existing, wooden, for kids, basic but fun to roll on the extendable wooden rails. Will apply colors and the rest when we get there on the blender course

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WOW what a great example of how simple building blocks can make an awesome model.


The wooden toy trains you describe were exactly what I was thinking of when I saw it, really good :slight_smile:

That makes me soooo happy you did see what I wanted to make :slight_smile: Cause yeah, can be a train, but you “saw” the wooden toy behind it ^^

@Michael_Bridges Thanks so much for your lessons that made this model possible :slight_smile:


That looks awesome! Looking forward to seeing the progress on your train.

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Looks fantastic.
Would be really fun to see this train evolve with
some textures, colors and stuff later.

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