A simple tent

A basic tent done with extruding, it all started with a plane which might not have been the best of ideas but the end result is nice.


Complete with tent poles and pegs like giant wedges!

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Love the trees!

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Looks very good, I like the details put in the tent, just using extruding.

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Nice low poly shapes

cool but one of the trees is wobleling arond.
I think it’s funny but I don’t think that’s shopossed to happen.
did you accidently press the z key while extruding?
Screenshot (153)_LI


I think it is more artistic freedom. Designers choice.
There are no rules in Blender, only your imagination.
Blender can be precise, but nothing in the world is presice.


As FedPete said, it’s was more about giving the tree some movement.

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