A question about time sensitive gameplay from the quiz

There is a question about time sensitive gameplay.
"Rank the following genres is based on which has the most time sensitive gameplay. Put the most time sensitive first.

A. Action games
B. Turn-based strategy games
C. Real-time strategy games
D. Role-playing games"

According to Udemy the correct answer is A, D, B, C.

It is strange.
Why is TBS more sensitive than RTS?
And why is RPG more sensitive than RTS?
In TBS you can take your time and think about you next movement.
In RPG you can stand for a while, the world will wait.
In RTS you can’t wait, your opponent (AI or human) is always building/researching etc.

You are right, this was a typo and now it has been fixed.

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Hi Sam!

I still didn’t get the answer, which is A C D B. It indicates that RPG games are more time sensitive than turn-based strategy games. However, turn-based strategy games usually have a time limit for your decision while in most traditional RPGs you can spend indefinite time on your next move (Attack, skill, use an item…). I would love to know your opinions!

Ah, I see. I’m thinking of Diablo style RPG rather than the Japanese style. How could I make that cleared?

Well. Maybe subcategorize RPG into action RPGs and turn-based RPGs?

Thank you. Done

This question threw me off a bit too. I think if the term “time sensitive” was changed to “player reaction time sensitive” it would be more clear. Games have their own sense of time sensitivity, whatever that means, even if they are turn based. X-Com turns work out to mere seconds of real time where some turn-based strategy might be tick off days per turn. I wasn’t sure how to rank “sensitivity” from a game’s idea of time. However, from the player’s reaction speed point of view, it makes sense to rank game genres that way.

Is the new wording better?

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