A nitpick with video capturing off a touch device

I know this is a short video but thought it worth mentioning in case it crops up as more videos are published: Trying to follow user input from a screen recording off a touch device isn’t a pleasant UX! It’s impossible to know where the focus will be next without a cursor to lead the viewer’s eye next. A possible solution could be finding a calculator on iPadOS as that allows for a mouse now. That could also solve my next issue (as iPad doesn’t have a native calculator IIRC)…

Another minor criticism is of the simplicity of the iOS calculator. When you’re explaining how your’e working out a problem, there’s no record of what you’ve pressed or the history. I’ve seen several calculators that will show one or two lines of history previous to the current input to give you context. This would greatly benefit a student pausing the video to take in what’s happened and also to help them understand how to input it into their own calculator if there’s any confusion.

Again, not sure if this will ever be a problem again but being a maths course thought it might be worth mentioning.

I just found that macOS has an almost identical calculator to iOS which will allow a cursor to be recorded, and has the added bonus of having tool tips when you hover over a button!