A match three game beginnings

Just uploaded my new game, be awesome to get some feedback:

At this point, it’s just a beginning and not anywhere complete.

Here are some of the cool things I did:

  1. You can move a dot in any direction including diagonal.
  2. Moving a dot which does not result in a match will revert to its original position.
  3. All matches starting directly adjacent to the move causes them to be cleared and new ones to drop in and replace them. May also create additional matches.
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Nicely done.
Ideal as a mobile game.
I noticed that there was a considerable amount of delay in replacing the dots. This delay seemed to increase based on the number of dots being replaced.
Please share any tutorial that helped you to make this game.

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Thank you. Yes, I’m aware of the delays. I still have a long ways to go including fine tuning the timings. I’m using https://www.udemy.com/make-a-puzzle-match-game-in-unity as a basis with my own changes.

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Ahh its so addictive. Good job I liked playing it, though I think it would be better if there was a drag animation that let you see where you were dragging the dots and what the switch will be before you let go of the mouse. Really it was alot of fun playing your game.

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That’s Fantastic!

I too have found myself playing for a long time. I want to try and get to the point where I can make no more moves.

I’ve recently come up with some unique gameplay. I am starting to design and build a prototype of that system.

@dreamer and @wcoltd, Are you interested in being an alpha tester? If so, please send me a PM with your Name and Email Address.

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