A Lamp's Predicament (Lamp Animation Project)


Hey guys, here is an animation of the lamp that i had made while i was studying the blender course.

i had learnt alot in the course.


Looks good. I’d suggest playing with the animation curves in the graph editor to speed up that jump. (use box select on the curve nodes, scale in the X axis to speed up, and the tweak the curve handles to get some easing.) …just my two cents. Great work!


This is very nicely done, well done, it reminds me of the lamp scene from Pixar :slight_smile:


Nice animation! How long did it take to render?


Yeah @mustafaneguib , really nicely done.


Looks really good. Well done. Like the thought that’s gone into this short animation. :slight_smile:


@J_Cohen thanks, ill look into that.

@AltDemon thanks, it took about 24 hours to render.


@Michael_Bridges thanks. i wanted to give the lamp some kind of a human characteristic. while modelling the animation i also tried to make the movements as realistic as possible.

@he.lukasz thanks


@Rob thanks


To add to J_Cohen’s note. Do you know the dope sheet? I used it a lot to finetune timing and so on. I also played the scene out with my hands (and made a quick ref. movie of that) to figure out the timing.


i will look into this. thanks