A Game For Parents To Bond With Children. Supported By Special Effect Disabled Gaming Charity

Hello, guys, i have built a nice retro throwback to games of my generation.
Please check it out and add feedback I the topic at the bottom.
Space N Traders by Digital Gamez

Early Feb Review


This is really fantastic. It brings about a bit of nostalgia! :slight_smile: Great work!

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It looks like an interesting spin on an old classic.
I do like the UI.

I wasn’t paying attention when I first started the video on your itch page, and didn’t realize it was a third parties first impression video. I expected it to be a game trailer video like you see on steam.
I was really turned off to the game by the various flaws in the game. I was thinking, why are you taking the time to tell me about what’s wrong with the game instead of fixing it? Then I realized that wasn’t you.
While publicity is great, if I were you I would make a proper game trailer video to put there. And also work on the complaints the video brought up. If you haven’t already.

What do you guys think of our game now 2 months down the line from our early demo. A nice review :slight_smile:
If you have kids and love bonding over gaming check this out.

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