A Few Strange Inconsistencies Of Measurment Points (pictures included)

Often when I go to make a change to the geometry using a precise command such an Inset, Loop Cut or translating something with the Snap command; the geometry is often apparently ever so slightly off where it was suppost to go (sometimes by as low as 0.0000002, according to the median co-ordinates) and I therefore end up having to edit the co-ordinates, dimentions and edges manually anyway to perform minor corrections. Esentially for unexplained reasons, measurements that mathematically should be 1 or 0.5 or 0 once I’ve entered precise commands, end up being 0.99999997, 0.50000001, 0.0000002 even when I think I followed the lecture instructions fairly closely. Hoping someone can shed some insight as to why this happens and perhaps find a solution.

Here are some print-screened examples.

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