A Dive Into Modelling


Hello Everyone,

I will be using this topic to post all my challenges for Section 2 of the course.

Here goes.

S2 L17 - Some very simple representations of common objects:


S2 L18 - Wedge


S2 L20 - Manipulating Wedge

The dimensions of the wedge are half of what they were, but this means the volume of the wedge is a lot smaller. A scale of 0.8 on each axis could have been close to half the volume.


S2 L21


S2 L22 - Periscope


The base of the first periscope is now at 0,0,0


S2 L24 - 8 Vertices


S2 L26 - Normals

I flipped one of the faces and then explored the Recalculate function…


S2 L27 - A Block Plane by Extrusion


S2 L28 - Mayan Pyramid - Basic Structure


S2 L30 - Ramp


S2 L31 - Ramp Extrusion


S2 L32 - Railings


S2 L33 - Stairs


S2 L34 - Detail to top


S2 L35 - Doorway


S2 L36 - Blender has a Right Handed Coordinate System


S2 L38 - A paint bucket, pencil lead holder and a tablet pen stand