A different way to make the Edge Colliders

Hello all!

I was watching the video and decided to get smart and make my edge colliders without watching the video. I had learned this from another Udemy course but instead of using a box collider you can use an Edge Collider, it makes just a line. You can then position it to the edge of the background picture. This is what I did. I figure I don’t need a box, a simple line should work. Hope this may be useful to someone out there!

Happy coding!

You may want to test this with;

  • significantly increased velocity
  • detection for joints where the colliders meet


Thank you for the advise! I have tested the game with all the parameters that the course uses and the game works perfectly. I used the Edit Collider option and zoomed in really close to my background picture to make it right along the picture. Everything works perfectly. A little too perfectly, it has taken me 3 tried to beat my level one! :smiley: I will do a little playing around and see what more velocity does. Once again, Thank you for the advise!

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Only mention it as I know a few students found that it was possible for the box colliders to not detect a collision under the right circumstances.

Glad to hear it is all going well, I would be interested to know if you do encounter any issues with the edge colliders.

Regarding beating your own levels… thats what autoplay is for :wink:

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