A bug report?

A bug report ?

I am not sure if this is a bug from the lectures or i built it in while massivly changing stuff in the game.

Please test this:

  • you need a landscape that is not flat, so tanks can drift downslope
  • place one or more AI tanks so close to your spawn, that they do NOT move on their own.

When startting the game, drive slowly away, til the AI tanks start to follow you.
You may then see them get mad, get shot out of the visiblity range followed from a message, that the tank has left the world boundaries.

I invested some time tracking this down, actually it is a quite simple bug.

When the AI tank does not want to drive itself, Drivetrack and applysideforces is not called.
But the AI tank moves abit from the slope-drift

When Applysideforces is called once the AI tank intents to move, forces get mad until the tank get shot out of the universe.

Please test and give feedback.

@ben: as mentioned above, i am not sure if i broke it.
There is an easy fix though…always call applysideforces with AI Tanks or clamp the force value ( a bit hacky ) in that routine.
Effect is only seen on machines with low fps btw…the lower the fps the more critical the effect happens.
I can reproduce it while going Fullscreen, start fraps and limit the fps in fraps to 30 or less.

Thanks for sharing this, I think we get to these issues by the end of the section.

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