A Basic Rat

Sketchfab isn’t showing the hair for some reason, or correctly showing the animation.

This is for the game “Rat Race”, a 2D classic arcade style game, and the animation is photographed and made into a sequence of 5 256x256 sprites, so detail wasn’t too important.

The Fluffy Bunny was made with metaballs, but for this I used box modelling for control over vertices.


For a rat it’s actually kinda cute! Nice work :slight_smile:

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If you pop a carriage return in at the start of your post @Todd_Vance you’ll get a little preview of your work in the post.

If you paste the FULL SketchFab URL into your post it will embed the 3D model here so we can see it in all it’s glory, without the effort of… erm… clicking a link… anyway, looks cool :slight_smile:

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haha cool i like him…nice job!

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Nice job Todd

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