A 4 level Block Breaker

My take on the Block Breaker game.
I gave it a bit of a World War 2 theme.
Any criticism is much appreciated

Axis Breaker



Your game is ****** hard to play lol :joy: But if I made a game that look as good as this then I would be really proud. Superb graphics, easy navigation, the sound effects fits in nicely with this game. Just a shame that I couldn’t get past the first level

Yeah, it can be sort of unforgiving. I should’ve probably spent more time balancing difficulty.
Or, at the very least, a continue screen. Thanks for the feedback, it’ll go towards making my Laser Defender a smoother game.

Great theme…maybe laser defender can be NA P-51 Mustang defender? :slight_smile:

that would be pretty cool, shooting down Zeros and such. :sunglasses:

Jake I felt pretty cool about my custom look until (below) you went out of your way to blow it out of the water! Great work man!


I’m really curious how you went about having the paddle animation when the ball bounced off of it and also how you got the cool film grain/radar scan effects. Did you use a paralax or something?

Your game is solid. I really like the mood of the music and the backgrounds(especially those rotating planets and asteroids).
the ball could use some feedback, either through sound or a spark when it bounces. Otherwise, nice work.

The effects that I’m using are all VERY simple.
the Grain effect, radar scan, and even the extra ball alert, are all using the Animator.
for the Grain:
I made 4 transparent shots, the size of the background, and just have the Animator cycle through them on a loop

the radar:
another transparency. I give it 2 frames of animation. One off screen right, the other off screen left. the Animator does the work.

Paddle alert:
with the sprite, 2 frames of Animation. First one, full size, the second I shrink down its scale. Then you just let it loop.

hope this is helpful

Thanks for the tips! I’m going to try some of those when I have free time. Was that already taught in this course and I just missed it? I don’t remember using the animator at all yet. Either way, solid game brother, I love it!

Wow, nicely done! :grinning:
The music, sounds, artwork and animations fit really well together to complete the theme! I like the impact effects with the ball and the stylized bricks. The gameplay feels good, although it is hard.
Very unique!

Beautiful game!

It’s very challenging, but in a satisfying way. I eventually beat it. The graphics are beautiful. I really admire the work you did. :slight_smile:

Thank You! The difficulty is pretty intense. That is something I’m going to keep in mind for my next game.

Thanks! you may be the first player to beat this. I had to remove most of the bricks while testing to make sure the scene transitions worked. So, my hats off to you :clap:

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