4.93: Rookey of the Year

I have completed my Rook.

(My Rookey).

I had it in my mind to do one method that ended up being what the instructor did in the end. I did not decide to do it though, and ended up going through a blender detour and bypass, just to like what the instructor had done. Which, as I said, was what I was originally thinking of doing.

So off came the top and went with the first one. Nicer looking n the end.

I also learned some of the limits of mirroring. While in mirror, whenever I tried to size the rings of my rook it starting making my model’s overall circular shape into an oval one. Good to know.



Fine rook.

But mirror should not do that if all set up right. Pivot point not median but on the cursor set to the central origin point.

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I will write it down and give it a try sometime.

I had set everything to my empty, which was set to world center.

Many students have problems with this. But it is not a blender error, but you missed some important blender features. And that is the location (transform pivot point) on which the scale takes place.
By default, it is the center of the selected vertices. And with mirroring it is NOT it the center of the mirror.

You need to change the transform pivot point from median point to 3D cursor. and place the 3D cursor at the center (0,0,0).

pivot 3D