38. End of Section Challenge


Here is my end of section challenge, I tried to do as much as I could without watching what Michael did in the video but I couldn’t get the three-point lighting to work properly.
But after watching the video I got it to work, something still seems off about the shadows but I’m not sure what. And I got these weird dots from the area light inside the temple. The Cycles render is a lot than the Eevee render
Cycles render:

Eevee render:


It looks good, what do you mean with?

something still seems off about the shadows

Remember Eevee need some tweaks (options) to improve shadows. By default it’s fast rendering, less attention to shadows.


Thank you
I’m not exactly sure what seems wrong, just looking at it i feel like something is slightly off. But thats a good point I’ll go in and tweak the shadow settings for the Eevee render.


Two changes I would recommend in eevee is - Endable “Touch Shadows” and reduce the strength of the main light source by 25% to 33%.


Thanks @Capricas_Kirito
Okay I reduced the main light’s strength. Where do I find the “touch shadows” option?


On the ‘Light Properties’ Tab, scroll down and expand the “Shadows” panel. Here you will find a sub-panel for Contact Shadows

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