30 Days Of Low Poly Scenes

Gonna borrow @Manu_Scheller’s idea of doing 30 days of sculpts, but instead of sculpts, I’m gonna be doing low poly scenes.

  1. For God So Loved The World

I suggest of doing everything in Eevee.


6 hours left for day 2 bruh, cutting it close!

Actually it’s only 2:08 pm over here :smile:

Lol I was going by the hours since posted - which is at 18hours :stuck_out_tongue:. I guess it makes more sense to go by the local day haha

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Good luck

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Might not be able to do a low poly scene today :neutral_face:

  1. Mass Production Really quite happy with this one! Got use out of those robots I made, and I made use of the Fresnel node, something I learned about through Polygon Runway’s Space Fighter scene. Really cut it close here but got it done! :grin:

Nice man, keep it up :grin::+1:t2:
Maybe we could do it as a event like the weekly collab

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  1. Deep Water
    Thought I’d include the cycles render because it really changes things, and shows you the whole Kraken. Really happy with this one and loved making it, one of my favorite low poly scenes by far.

do you have a special theme for each day, or do you just do what you feel like doing that day ? :smiley:

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Beautiful works. I’m getting inspired!


I like this one a lot although that sea monster would absolutely terrify me since I have pretty intense thalassophobia :rofl:


These are great!

On the robot factory, to me it seems the interesting parts (the robots, assembly line, bits in the back) are too small, and too much image space is taken up by blank wall. I know the convention for a low poly isometric scene is usually a hollow cube shape, but I think you could improve the composition by shortening the wall by about half, thereby enabling the rest of the scene to be bigger.

Deep Water is really good. Love the kraken. I like the second render because of the transparent water.


I usually just randomly pick a broad theme each day and think of an idea based off that theme. Or sometimes I will do a specific topic because I want to use a certain material or tool to make it, like for Deep Water, I wanted to make a scene with a water material.


Made the changes you suggested.

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These are all awesome, but I really like this latest one ‘Deep Water’! Very cool.

  1. A Humble Abode Love the warm village feel this scene gives and am happy with how this came out. Something special about this scene is that it’s the first well I’ve made since the first one I made for this entire course, it’s crazy how far I’ve come, thanks Mikey!

Wow, your work is amazing! I really loved Deep Water!

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love your style of things!
I don’t belief Mikey is connected to GameDev anymore.