3 Things and materials

Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have done this but when I saw how hard it was to see what I had modeled I pulled back. Then I used a few things I learned from another online resource to put materials in. Well, I think it helped a little…
… and exposed my poor skills in materials… :confused: sight here we go.

In case you can’t see it, the blue one to the left is a Jojo…

Materials matter (mate-rial -pun intended)

OK, give up. This is what I didn’t like… when I looked at the stuff U pros did :slight_smile:

It’s all low poly, I just used subdivision (2) on the bulb and Jojo…
Oh and the Rubix was easy enough with the Array-modifier…


I realized what I did wrong so I just had to revisit this one…

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What sorcery is this!?

They look great with and without the materials. Well done!

Cyclic. For some reason I got stuck in some youtube videos on the topic.

Assuming you are talking about the bulb, the nodes look like this.

The structure on the chess-mat is bump-mapping based on Noise texture.

I think the reason I got hooked on Cyclic is that it makes sense where Blender Render does not (in my oppinion).
But then again, I am an engineer :slight_smile:

They all look amazing. I really like the one where the light bulb is lit. I have no idea what that diagram is or what it means hahaha I hope to learn about that in the future.

You will, a few lessons from now -)
I Cheated on this topic, several hours of hunting Cyclic Nodes material on the Net… :innocent:

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