3 questions

Ok, this is my work so far and I have a few questions
1- As you can see there are bald patches on the ground plane. I have weight painted those regions red, increased the parents and the children but to no avail. how do I fix this?
2- I get a “failed to launch cuda” error after I assign some heavy tasks(like rendering this image for example). I have no idea whats with that
3- The skybox is looking a bit weird atm. ( the moon is too big I guess.)
from where can I download similar skyboxes?

Hi, just my thoughts:

  1. if nothing changes, are you working of the correct mesh and particle system. Is your weight painted bitmap, connected correctly? Maybe subdivide the floor mesh (adding more mesh detail).
  2. GPU’s (CUDA) do have the problem of onboard memory. If your project is too big, not enough memory problems occur. It’s something I red somewhere. Not sure if it’s true.
  3. Somewhere in this course (I forgot where) Michael does some math on how big a texture must be, to be effective in the scene. For the moon it was something like 60x60 pixels (just from memory, I could be incorrect).

The composition is nice. It’s a nice space rabbit.

So that math @FedPete mentioned is in the Game Assets section. And the GPU problem is something Mike mentioned in the videos. And, based off what I can see on my tablet that big bald area looks like it’s a bit concave

thank you for replying!
I solved the patch situation by adding a new vertex group and repopulating the said area. I guess it wasn’t painted properly?
I have switched to cpu rendering now and it works.

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