3 Angles Psychedelic Chess Scene

Hey Everyone,

Here’s my chess scene. It’s been great fun learning all these techniques and skills. I definitely feel more confident than when I started this project and there’s loads of stuff I would do different or faster now that I’m better. Anyway, I was wondering what tips ya’ll have. Why do some of the white piece textures not look right? All help is appreciated.



The materials created (node setup) are depending on the scale of the objects using them.
Or the UV maps created from them.
It is not the size in the viewport, but the internal object mesh dimensions. Which can differ.
That’s why you need to APPLY the scale of your objects (set to one). To match the inner scale of the mesh, where the materials depends on.

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Good looking set. For me the black and white squares are too busy, fussy, and distract the eye from the chess set.
Good big table.

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