2point5d Cannonball Escape! (Twin Sticks)

**[Edit - New itch.io link to game added]**
Ok so I must stop fiddling with this now and move on, it’s been a lot of weeks.
Please try the game.

Some notes/issues:

  • You’ll need a controller.

  • Likewise, music is off by default.

  • I didn’t do the Selfie Stick - partly because I didn’t really need it in this game and partly because they are the invention of Satan himself.

  • It’s difficult to judge difficulty on your own game. My testers Evyn & Dan have been helpful but maybe it’s still too easy ?

  • Resolution, particularly of the ball texture dropped off when I built it for WebGL. Maybe that’s normal ? It looked better before.

  • I was going to trigger a new level on collection of boxes, but well, I did the random power-ups instead.

  • Music seems to slow down when ball is travelling (falling) fast.

Thanks for playing.


I would love to try it out, but I keep getting internal error when trying to play the game :<

Thanks for trying Kimset ! Gamebucket.io has a known problem right now, should be fixed soon.

Now available on itch.io