2D or 3D games? Which do you prefer to build?

Wanted to get some opinions on what people prefer to build and why.

Comment below on why you prefer one over the other.
Is it the game engine?
Emulating your favorite game’s style?
Easiest art for you to create?

  • 2D
  • 3D

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3D and pretty much all of the above, although 2D art is easier to create in some ways.

I think 3D has more options for interaction due to the extra dimension and that suits my purposes.
Also the bulk of the modding community seems to have grown from the introduction of 3d engines to the gaming market so I am looking forward to creating a game that would cater to that as well.

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Quite enjoy trying 2D games for a few different reasons.
Primarily, it’s what I grew up with back in the day, therefore easier for me to relate to the ‘fun factor’ i used to get.

Also, just as an addendum, most of my little games I have done, have been targetted for my kids and family. So, I have gone for the simple to play and learn games where they are of a ‘pick up and play’ ilk and 2D seems to be the arena of choice for me at the moment :slight_smile:

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Myself, I prefer the 3d because of the increased creative freedoms.

However… there’s a trade off on the entire industry as a result of increasing bit-counts and dimensions: it has cost gamers “depth” in their games. Too many people sell their game based on “stunning 3d graphics” to mask the fact that it’s really mediocre gameplay and/or story.

So, my suggestion, if you decide to pursue 3d, use it “compliment” your game, not “compensate” for it.

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My first set of games fits that same description. Simple mobile games that any age could engage in and enjoy.

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I agree that the industry has gone a little stale now that stunning 3D graphics has become the norm. It’s time for one of us to be creative and take the 3D genre to the next level!

I don’t think its the 3D , I think its the commercial model and analytics games have now as compared to how they were 15 years ago.

Today it seems that many companies care about delivering the most selling addictive and mass-appeal product they can because on the business side of things it brings them more money : the most extreme examples of this can be gleaned mainly in the MMO and Mobile markets and many PC/Console games also adopt the same analytics to some extent.

You can still find innovative Indie games such as KSP, Space Engineers, The Long Dark, Arma etc that deliver unique and less mass-appealing game-play-experience with less regard to selling .

Hard to say. On the one hand, there’s something appealing about creating something so visually spectacular fully rendered in 3D, and pushing the art level to make things crisp and beautiful in that medium. On the other hand, given the markets that are available for indie developers, you’ve got to ask yourself if the devices you’re developing for can handle 3D games, or should you find a way to create an experience in 2D? I for one want to tap into the Apple TV market or the Amazon Fire TV game market, so I have to ask - can those devices handle robust 3D graphics?

That’s my take on it.

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