2D animation problem

I’ve created a 2D character that is animated and moves.
I wanted to switch the sprites out, so changed the one in the inspector.
Then I replaced the animation sprites.

What happens when I start game is the new character appears…
then it briefly switches back to the OLD sprite then continues correctly.
This is NOT the first time this has happened.
Is there ANOTHER place I need to switch-out the sprite?

I have tried reboot.
I tried deleting the entire animation and built a new one with the new sprites.
Is there anything else I can try? Is the sprite cached somewhere?

After reading your problem, what I think is that you changed the sprites while record mode in the animation window was turned on. This means that you added some key frames to your animation which deal with changing sprites.

What i would suggest to do is that go into the specific animation and look for the sprite renderer key frames, delete them and then change the sprites when not in record mode.

I hope that helps