25 hours 9 minutes 57 seconds... and I'm a little disappointed actually

it looks grainy…and even out of focus but there was no depth of field applied…

this was 18 squared samples so 324 samples… it was crashing my pc so I let it go on the mac while I was cooling it elevated with a fan directly on it…

I was expecting something much clearer :frowning:


My first guess after thinking for a few minutes is that it was a lighting issue… it might have been just too bright to render without noise at only 324 samples…

maybe someone else knows why it would look so pixelated… i dunno

Im only running on a pretty low end laptop so mine arent the greatest anyway but.

try this on a smaller model scene just for a test, if its cycles, removing the reflective and refractive caustics for me made some of my scenes cleaner looking.

hopefully someone will give you a better explanation and reason, im still learning too :slight_smile:

I like it !! Colorful and bright. Nice shadows in the grass.

The noise I don’t see that much. But it is how Blender Cycles handles light. You could increase samples, and lower the screen size, to keep the speed up.

Also, you can hide the noise. Flat faces with a single color do show noise. But if you use a (bitmap) texture the noise is hidden in the texture, less visible.

Last trick, adding some (render) blur.

It’s a sunny scene, I love it.

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Give you an appreciation of why a single frame takes days for a Pixar film!

Looks great to me!

Pixelation might be because you have zoomed in >100% in the UV/Image editor, that’ll make it pixelated

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that’s the stand alone bmp, that’s why I don’t understand

thanks for the replies… I really appreciate the help

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