23.92 seconds - My Render Time

Just upgraded to a new PC so I thought I’d do the benchmark test again:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i7-6850K
Memory: 32GB
Graphics Cards: 2 x nVidia GeForce 1080ti

64 x 64 = 2:10:58
(Didn’t bother with further CPU tests)

64 x 64 = 1:27:54
128 x 128 = 0:39:63
256 x 256 = 0:26:98
480 x 270 = 0:23.92

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More like, ‘upgraded to a Monster PC’ :wink:

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Hey, crazy fast!
I got 53 sec with my GeForce 1080.

You should try at 512 x 512… should be ever faster then 480 x 270 :slight_smile: please post that result if your doing it.

Edit: nwm… I tested 480 x 270 and it was faster, gave me 51 sec.

Similar to mine.

Can’t help but wonder. My spec is identical GTX-1080 TI (MSI) but my render took 27s at 256x240.
Strange difference, wish I knew why… It could help me when I do the next upgrade…

… had to try your settings…

WOW,I got the same result! How did you derive the tile settings?

Don’t mind if I … steal from the best :slight_smile: ?

Hey guys,

I tried 512 x 512 and it came out at just over 27 seconds.

I derived the setting by dividing the end resolution (1920 x 1080) into equal chunks and narrowing in on the best combination - I can’t remember whether this was something Michael taught us or I figured out myself though as I did that lesson quite a while ago…

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