2021 Collab: Week 21 “Creepy crawlies” - CLOSED

Yes, especially after it’s fully hatched out of his egg. :wink:

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Here is my entry for this week.
Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Nice, how did you do the materials?

Water drop is just Glass BSDF with IoR 1.3 and hint of warm color at low saturation.
Stick has noise texture passed trough colorRamp to color and bump node.
Body I have baked normal and Cavity maps from high poly model. Than I’ve hand painted Diffuse map For the color and Transmission map for translucent parts like ends of legs and mouth area.
Wings I have made using Transparent BSDF with low saturation and high value mixed with Principled Volume at 0.002 density. Ant veiny parts of wings are just Principled BSDF.
Plus its all rigged. Ive done little walk and flight animation couple of days ago but somehow it all went to hell so having to do it again some time later on.



Having seen the other entries to date, my little effort looks a bit dull but I’m very much a novice who’s only just discovered the wonder of rigging and I only have limited time to indulge in my Blender & Unity education/hobby. I really need to lean more about materials to give my work some Wow! (I can only dream of being able to produce work like Mateusz’s beautiful ant).

Below is the link to the video on You-Tube:



I can only say: UAU!!! :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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You have still one day to finish the “Creepy crawlies” Blender collab.

New week 22 challenge

We have a new subject “ Dangerous ”.

I think this one is more about storytelling. Because how to show it’s dangerous? Scissors aren’t dangerous by themselves, but how you handle it. Be creative, think outside the box … and have fun.

Note: If one of you in the list below, don’t want to receive a signal for the announcement of a new Blender collab subject. Give me a private message. And also send me a message if you want to be added. @FedPete

Signal: @Alex_Rusu @anfloy @Blest @billmih @Caleb_Kofoed @Digitz @Ethan_Martinez @elibyy @Exitus19 @iamindieps @Jaco_Pretorius @JaneDoe @Josa_Booba @Kartik_Nair @Leon_V2 @Marijus @Martiine @Mateusz @Munsa @Navarshi_Mahanta @niladri_ghosh @NP5 @Orion_Dauter @Rao @Reginaldo_Junior @Seblecaribou @Sblendid @ShyDragon @Simone_Rossaini @Tanunen @Tetiana_Stasiv @TripleJ @WillyEckerslike @xMezzy @Yee @yo_johann


Nice walk cycle. Looks smooth :+1:

It is great and very much in the spirit of taking part in the collab.

Just keep at it and try the collab challenge whenever you can to stretch what you have learnt.

Morning visitors of Alko-shop…


Out of time as usual. Have started giving it an armature to ease foot and wing case movement for posing. Came across details of how they fold their wings up too but not even started to try and work out folding wings. More to do to call it finished then.

Meant to put one in upside down to show the textured underside. It has an internal body etc. At some point I could do different spots and there are colour variations. A project never ends just gets put aside for a time!


Nicely done with the wings. They are funny design. Nice texturing work.


Very Nice! I’ve got so much to learn…


Voting entries week 21 “Creepy crawlies” theme

We have a few days to vote. You can vote fast but also think slowly about design, colors, technique, difficulty, subject, realism, etc. Choose consciously and not on your own entry.
And the next subject, week 22 “ Dangerous has already started. The winner of this week’s “Creepy crawlies” challenge may select a subject for week 23.

Great model and really nice water drop idea! Gives more meaning to the subject.
But the water drop is casting a strange shadow? (bottom left)

I love this critter, because it is tiny, it moves, it give me creepy feelings.

I love this interpretation of creepy crawlies.
But it is also sad to see those people living like this.

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Colorful and recognizable!
I miss the lice … and maybe introducing some subsurface sun beams …?

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Its a leaf. Now you said it. It kind of looks like shadow.

Thank you all for voting and feedback.
Ive spent many hour working on that last week implementing work flow that I learned from character tutorial. Granted not everybody have so much spare time But I think its a good practice to memorise the methodes.
Now im ready to learn new approaches to become more effective.
Good luck on the next one


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