2.27 Mid section Challenge - cup and pencils

Opted for a quick, simple scene and focussed on combining shapes tidily and continuing to grow accustomed to the interface.

I would really like to put some little semicircles on the end of the pencils where the paint gets sharpened away from the wood, but I struggled to find a way to do this with my current knowledge of the software.


Don’t give up! The re is so much to learn and people want to do things which are easy to do. But you need to know which Blender tools to use. Be patient. Do set your goals too high in the beginning, if you are totally new to this.

You could select an object, right-click and select the smoothing option for the cup.

The pencil needs to be a six-sided cylinder. Together with a helper object (a cone) and a Boolean modifier. You could make the look as you wish. But be patient for these lessons on modifiers.