2. 1) projects wedge and 2) wedge challenge

Here are my two projects… The first the first wedge, the second is the l

ocation wedge ptoject.

Here is my wedge. This course is great, already doing things i never thought i would be able to.

Wedge, How very exiting! :smile:

Second part of challenge . Rotating to point up, position 0,4,2 and scaling by half.

Here’s my wedge:

and rotated:


This is my outcome for the wedge project and challenge. I had to rotate the wedge on the Y axes at -90. Im not sure what i did wrong.

Wedge incoming!

My wedge and now off to dublication and merging

Here’s my Wedge.

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A nice easy challenge, and even though it was so simple it held such powerful skill and knowledge.

a #Wedge TahDah! :blush:

Cool!!! Well done, I like the 4 perspectives, really nice!!!:wink:

Making new faces! :smiley:

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